Why I love Green Smoothies

Here’s why I’m in love with green smoothies:

Dark leafy greens put the green in green smoothies. Just how often do you eat dark leafy greens otherwise? Hmm. Yeah, I didn’t think so. Me either. Unless I’m eating a green smoothie. Or unless I’m coating them with salad dressing or cheese. However, green smoothies give you the greens without the add ons.

And what exactly is so great about dark leafy greens? They are nutritional POWERHOUSES. Next to fresh sprouts, they are the best bang for your nutritional buck.


The benefits of eating these powerhouses?

Improved energy, stamina, digestion, and elimination (aka pretty, healthy, cleansing poo!); stronger hair and nails; clearer skin; better sleep; less stress/anxiety/depression; stabilized blood sugar; less symptomatic PMS; greater sex drive; decreased cravings for sweets/processed food; weight loss; and ooooooooooooh so much more.


The best part (aside from all of the above) is that there’s no real science to green smoothies. You can add what you like, experiment, try out different ratios (if you’re starting out, use less greens and more fruit and gradually flip that) and use a variety of greens, fruits, and healthy things (like flaxseed oil, chia seeds, etc.).

I usually keep mine simple. This one involves:

-Two handfuls of spinach (or kale, chard, collards, etc.)
-One banana
-A couple handfuls of your favorite fruit – strawberries, blueberries, apple slices, mangoes, orange slices, etc.

Put an inch to two inches of water in your blender.


Add the spinach. Liquefy that puppy until it’s, well, liquid.



Add the banana and fruit. Blend until it’s pretty smooth and creamy.



Voila! Say hello to your gorgeous green smoothie!

For extra kicks, I recommend drinking your smoothie from a wine glass or mason jar. This way you can feel sophisticated and/or rugged while downing the green goodness.


If you’re hot for more green smoothie facts, check out greensmoothiegirl.com. She’s the bomb when it comes to all things smoothie.

Yeehaw & Cheers!

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