About Mind Body Spirit of a Cowgirl

A cowgirl is a pioneer of life. She has the courage to be herself.

She knows that self-discovery is the adventure of a lifetime.

A cowgirl sets out to follow her heart and heeds the wild call of her intuition.

She embraces life, learning and growing as she goes. She is impassioned, vibrant, strong, wise, beautiful, spiritual, healthy, and hearty.

She redefines femininity as she creates her own way of being in the world.

She takes her well-being into her own capable, sexy hands as she nourishes and nurtures her mind, body, and spirit.

Welcome to Mind Body Spirit of a Cowgirl.

mind body spirit of a cowgirl

4 thoughts on “About Mind Body Spirit of a Cowgirl

  1. Dear Gen what à beautiful empowering intro!

    I hope that age doesnot matter, i think I can be a cowgirl too oneday, I still have sexy hands sometimes!;-)
    I really want to receive your newsletters.

    Lots of luck with everything you create Gen with your beautiful mind,spirit and great warm heart! You”ll reach and teach many other beautiful women with all your talents an generous healing love.
    You do not need to post this but i want you to know how proud i am of you and you’re power to be and stay nothing but yourself dear!!!

    Love from cowcountry the Netherlands,


    • Moonmom, you are definitely a cowgirl…and a stunning one at that! Thank you for your amazing support and love, as always. You are one inspiring lady yourself! Love to you and your fuzzy baby Balou!

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